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Uptime Corrosion & Materials Consultants Limited

Oil & Gas Inspections & Consultancy Services, Engineering Equipment Supply

Coating Specification

Our team have invaluable experience in paint and coatings formulations/manufacture, surface preparation, and coating application. We can design and manufacture project customised paint/coatings including anti corrosion coatings, epoxy coatings and standard emulsion paint. We can provide paint specification and technical report writing to confirm your operatives are pre-qualified for Norsok M501 specifications by providing required evidence of the Coatings Procedure Test.

With years of experience within the coating industry; we offer an impartial and reliable coating consultancy for any environment. Many specifications are outdated and can be greatly improved from surface tolerant coatings to high temperature coatings. Our coating consultants have the knowledge and most importantly we are totally independent so you can be confident you are getting first class advice.